This year the Feast of Friendship, usual annual event organized by South Molitecnica, It will be housed within the Innovation Day, Closing day commemorating the five years since the death of Louis Film.

The day will be held at the headquarters of the South Molitecnica 5 next August and will begin with an opening ceremony followed by the celebration of the Holy Mass presided over by Archbishop Giovanni Ricchiuti, Bishop of the Diocese of Altamura, Gravina and Acquaviva delle Fonti.

In the afternoon, there will be a conference presentation of Clustech Network, which Molitecnica South is lead partner, which will see the participation of various local institutions.

Clustech is a unique brand that provides design services, maintenance and installation of machinery and production lines for the food industry in addition to a wide range of industrial parts, machinery for sanitation, Food disinfestation, construction and technological systems.

L’Innovation Day ospiterà, in the course of an internal day, conferences, concerts, debates to describe projects and opportunities of innovation and "making excellence" with a look to the past, rooted in the present and projected into the future.

In the afternoon and evening, They will take place the various scheduled activities such as games of yore, an exhibition of vintage cars, Visual and musical shows and a dinner having beneficial value entitled "Being together for solidarity".

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