L’AVANA 11-13 JULY 2016

Molitecnica South participated, 11 to 13 July, to state trip to Cuba led by Minister of Economic Development Dr.. Carlo Calenda and the Undersecretary Dr.. Ivan Scalfarotto.

South Molitecnica, She represented by its Export Manager Dr.. Sergio Ventricelli, he faced his umpteenth mission in Havana after the one system with Confimi Industry last May that has had great success in terms of visibility and impact in the country transoceanico.

The main purpose of today's mission was the signing of some protocols related to various issues that the various missions have faced in areas such as agro-industry, building, Infrastructure and Transportation, energy. A debt swap deal, that will allow the Cuban government to convert trade payables due to Sace in a local currency fund to finance strategic projects for the country's development which will involve Italian companies or joint ventures Italo-Cuban.

Recent reforms launched by the Cuban government, to introduce tax benefits for foreign investors and reduce barriers to imports of machinery in the country, make Cuba a market of increasing opportunities for the Made in Italy.