Federico – MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL 23 – 24 – 25 APRIL 2016

Altamura relives the XIII Century, with the evocative event "Federico" a medieval festival aims to attract the interest on our city starts of visitors and tourists will take away with you the history and local culture, in addition to the typical products of our city: the typical bread D.O.P.

South Molitecnica participates, in his small, in this event to relive and pay tribute to the founder of our city.






The story of Altamura comprises of different phases and often historical data is intertwined with the legend. The same Frederick II was called by his contemporaries Stupor Mundi (Wonder of the World), nickname that comes from his unquenchable intellectual curiosity, philosophical, the Astrological. It is said that Frederick knew nine languages ​​and it was a very modern ruler for his time, since he favored the science and professed viewpoints fairly advanced in economy.

On the way back from sixth Crusade, Frederick II has stood on the plateau of the Murgia, in Bari area. The Emperor, fascinated by the beauty of the places and the healthy and mild climate of the Murgia hills were refreshments for soldiers Frederick sick with the plague, He decided to build, in 1232, a palatine Cathedral in honor of Santa Maria, around which united the people who lived in small villages in the area. The community became an important agricultural center, also dedicated to 'breeding and with considerable fiscal interests of the State.

Centuries are the heirs of those populations to pay homage to the emperor to commemorate the founder of the city and the deep bond that binds them. The arrival of Federico II in the Terra di Bari is commemorated by Federicus, the medieval festival that involves the whole ancient city Frederick.

L'event, during previous editions, It has attracted thousands of visitors from neighboring municipalities and tourists from abroad. The party is animated by a crowd of flag-waving, tamburrini, jugglers, street performers and jugglers in the streets of the ancient center.

Frederick died in 1250 Altamura when they reached the Angevin ... but that's another story ...

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