“feast of’ Friendship”

Sunday 18 October 2015 – ore 12:45 at “Foundation Benedict XIII”



Opera charity in memory of Luigi Film, The Friendship Festival was founded with the goal of raising funds for a charity project, aimed at helping the needy in an atmosphere of Friendship, one of the most important links in people's lives. The Friendship Festival is an opportunity, then, to meet, meet and celebrate together. And that's why Molitecnica South organizes the 2nd edition in collaboration with the association We Are Domi, which carries the name of Domenico Martimucci, innocent victim of a criminal act that hit our city 5 On March. Because we are all friends, because a true friend is one who in times of trouble becomes your shadow, because a friend is the most precious person that you might have, but even better is ESSERLO…!



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