The production growth brings the company to invest in research into new types of products, starting with the construction of small plants until you get to big tons.

Giuseppe Film founded his company in the late '70s and began to build machines for milling plants completely handmade.

In 1986 decided to expand his business and what was small shop becomes a small company 1300 sq.m..

This passion transmits it to 4 children today directing this company trying to keep, according to tradition, the quality of the product, personally checking the production and devoting much attention to the care of the details.

One of our primary features is the testing of new production techniques combined with the desire for innovation that led the company to acquire a new plant all 'now being extended.

“Work is freedom, is dignity.

Work is life and hope.

To deprive a man of the work is to deprive him of the freedom to live.

Work is the look proud of your child, is strength and hope.

Work is enthusiasm and sharing.

Work is to feel free to build your own path.

The work is a right…. of all”


Cav. Giuseppe Film

Honorary President