The preservation of cereals is a very ancient practice but not always easy to implement because it must ensure proper storage and protection from external agents that may lead to alterations in mechanical and biomechanical.
The silos for the storage must maintain a cool temperature and a low degree of humidity environment, to prevent the attack of pests and the development of mold.
South Molitecnica manufactures and installs systems for the storage DEII cereals and flour, vertical silos in a metal structure with a circular or rectangular geometry, partially or totally insulated, capable of protecting the products stored, ensuring safety and health.
Used materials:
  • Such Aksiaio 304
  • Painted carbon steel
  • Galvanized carbon steel
  • corrugated iron
The industrial construction, the use of high quality materials, the careful choice of the type of construction based on the needs of each customer, make it a high quality product.