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OVERVIEW Molitecnica SOUTH Friday 5 August 2016 was held at the headquarters of the South Molitecnica Innovation Day that, as scheduled, He saw the involvement of various activities starting with the opening ceremony, through the celebration of the Holy Mass presided by S.It is. Archbishop Giovanni Ricchiuti, and in the afternoon the conference presentation of the Enterprise Network consists of four Clustech Apulian companies with the intention to internationalize and to offer a service / product with single point of contact. Various counsel for the event including the Puglia Region, the Confimi Industry, the Metropolitan City of Bari, the municipality of Altamura, the City of Corato, the Diocese of Altamura, Gravina and Acquaviva delle Fonti. The climax of the day was that of the license plate delivery "Smurf Inventor" to representatives of five different worlds: to the World of Politics at Altamura Mayor Prof. Giacinto Forte, for the Ecclesiastical World in S.It is. Archbishop Giovanni Ricchiuti, for the World Entrepreneurship Mr.. Vito Forte, for World Institutional Dr.. Sergio Ventricelli, per la Molitecnica Sud all’Ing. Vito Lomurno. The religious ceremony in memory of Louis Film and fund-raising in favor of three non-profit associations have been the leitmotiv in the demonstration that took considerable feedback both nationally and internationally.