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Confimi Industria Puglia and Confimi Impresa Meccanica organized the seminar “Green New Deal” and took place during the MECSPE event in Bari, November 28, 2019. The event was organized in collaboration with La Nuova Energia, Schneider Electric and PMI Salute.

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The theme discussed is “the beginning of a new era“, between digitization, energy efficiency and sustainability.
During the seminar have spoken:

(Giuseppe Bratta, President of Distretto Produttivo La Nuova Energia; Eugenio di Sciascio, Vicemayor of Bari; Riccardo Figliolia, General Secretary of Confimi Industria Puglia; Riccardo Chini, President of Confimi Industria Meccanica Nazionale; Giuseppe Gesmundo, General Secretary Cgil Puglia; Carlo Pellicola, Management director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia).

confimi mecspeRiccardo Chini, President of Confimi Industria Meccanica Nazionale:

“Confimi is the association that has been formed to promote and protect the world of manufacturing industry. In this world we work to move forward and moving forward means producing things in a more sustainable way and with respect for environmental resources.

The institutions must play their role as always and must commit themselves to creating the conditions for companies to invest, to finance renewal processes. Industry 4.0 and the circular economy are the two directions in which we need to go. But this requires support in terms of infrastructure and public investment.

The problems are and are partly dictated by exogenous factors. But our industry needs to be supported in evolving, I don’t see a lack of willingness on the part of entrepreneurs to move things forward”.

Carlo Pellicola, Management director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia:

“The event serves to clarify the innovative process of Industry 4.0. We, as Molitecnica, have already started innovation processes with regard to customer service. We hope that in a couple of years we can get this kind of innovation project up and running, so as to facilitate customers in plant management”.

Carlo Pellicola, Management director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia, during the interview for TRM.

confimi mecspeTo learn more about the innovative systems offered by Molitecnica Sud, click here.

Eugenio di Sciascio, Vicemayor of Bari:

“The green new deal is not a cost, but it is an opportunity. We have to work to have increasingly efficient and effective solutions. We must ensure that this is not only environmentally sustainable, but also economically sustainable”.

Alfonso Cialdella, President of Steel Tech:

“Our goal is to make visitors understand that the mechanics must have more and more participation. Especially from students and universities. The objective is also to have the participation of training schools, useful to entrepreneurs and employees. With the new technology of industry 4.0 we need new skills“.

confimi mecspe

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