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Molitecnica Sud, together with Gruppo Pellicola, Clustech and Technalia, took part at MECSPE event. The event was held in Bari, at the Nuova Fiera del Levante, from 28 to 30 November 2019.

The new edition of MECSPE covered the Central and South Italian market and the Mediterranean Basin.
It represents a business and networking opportunity, where you can discover the excellence of the whole industry for a smart factory.

600 exhibiting companies in a space of 20,000 , 54 conferences and workshops, 10 special initiatives.
These were the numbers of MECSPE, a reference event for the manufacturing industry that was held for the first time in Bari. The theme of this edition was innovation and digitization of the company.

molitecnica sud mecspeCarlo Pellicola has commented

Carlo Pellicola, Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia, commented during the interview for the Gruppo Norba:

“We are here in Bari representing Puglia, with our affiliated companies such as Molitecnica Sud and Gruppo Pellicola. We deal with the agro-food world, but in a metalworking key. (Click here to learn more about Molitecnica Sud).

Today MECSPE talks about industry 4.0. It must help companies in the production process and facilitate customers in our case in plant management.
Taking part in events such as MECSPE, in Italy and abroad, is an opportunity to demonstrate the presence of your company on the market.”

Carlo Pellicola (Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia), during the interview for the Gruppo Norba.

molitecnica sud mecspeRiccardo Figliolia declared

Among the exhibitors are also Confimi Mechanical Industry, confederation of Italian manufacturing industry and private enterprise. During the event presented a new model of integrated development to be tested in the realities of the territory.

Riccardo figliolia, General Secretary of Confimi Industry Apulia, said to TRM microphones:

“We had to be there at MECSPE Bari, because it is the first edition in this city, since it usually takes place in Parma. It is a showcase for all the Italian mechanical manufacture and in particular for the whole one of the South. Another reason why we could not miss is that the theme of the event is that of innovation.

Innovation is also the main challenge for businesses and we want to help them. In fact, we presented the Confimi plan that committed us to all 2019. It was built with important partners such as Schneider Electric, CSQA and Tempor. We have experimented with this integrated model, throughout Italy starting from the food sector.

For 2020 we will expand to the mechanical industry and integrate to the system also the Universities, starting from the Polytechnic of Bari. We will implement in Puglia an integrated development model where the enterprise is at the centre”

Carlo Pellicola (Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia) e Riccardo Figliolia (General Secretary of Confimi Industry Apulia).

molitecnica sud mecspe

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