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Molitecnica Sud certified 100% Made in Italy by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers.

The registration n° IT01.IT/2129.118.V certifies that Molitecnica Sud is a certified trademark with the requirements of the system IT01 – 100% Original Italian Quality. It is valid in the field of equipment and machinery for mills, feed mills, pasta factories and bakeries.

Molitecnica Sud Made in Italy 100%

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Made in Italy 100% Certificate

Molitecnica Sud Made in Italy 100% Certificate


Here are the words that are a source of pride for every Italian producer. Made in Italy is an ancient prestige. It is based on creativity, quality and inventiveness.

Made in Italy, from fashion to footwear, from furnishings to inventions and scientific discoveries, has always distinguished us in the world.

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers ITPI is the certifying body of the product entirely made in Italy.

Italiananity of the brand awarded contributes to the immediate recognition of our products, which boast and elevates them in terms of quality as well as general image. The brand “Made in Italy 100%” can only be awarded to products made entirely in Italy, such as our machines and our plants. Click here, to learn more about the Institute.


How the certification takes place

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers has created a certification system through which producers like Molitecnica Sud distinguish their creations from those of dubious Italian origin. Giving certainty to the final consumer about origin and quality.

Recent sociological studies have shown that the consumer’s determination to purchase depends on a guarantee. No product can therefore have a distribution perspective without representing and being the bearer of a guarantee.

Molitecnica Sud Made in Italy 100%


The products of Molitecnica Sud, certified Made in Italy, fulfil all the following requirements:

1) Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy:

  • Made with exclusive drawings and design of the company;
  • Entirely built in Italy;
  • Made with Italian semifinished products;
  • Traceability of the processes.

2) Built with natural and high quality materials:

  • Individual or compound natural materials;
  • High quality materials and first choice for the intended use;
  • Traceability of the origin of raw materials.

3) Built on typical traditional workings:

  • Specific processes of the company;
  • Use of traditional typical techniques.

4) Realized in the respect of job, hygiene and safety:

  • Realized in full respect of the job;
  • Health and safety at the workplace and of the manufactured products used.


The other certifications of Molitecnica Sud

The certifications of Molitecnica Sud are an indication of quality and seriousness. Our presence on the international market commits the company to respect the Quality Management and Organizational System. In addition, it is constantly updated according to current legislation. The other certifications acquired by the company are ISO 9001:2015EN 1090-1:2009+A 1-2011Transformation Centre n° 2510/13. Click here to know more about the certifications acquired by Molitecnica Sud.
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