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Letter on the needs of mechanical engineering world

by Carlo Pellicola, Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia.

Carlo Pellicola,Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica PugliaDear Friends Entrepreneurs. Here are my thoughts about the needs of the mechanical engineering world during this period of health emergency.

The recent initiative put in place by the Government, with further restrictions on the freedom of each of us and the possibility of access to the extraordinary redundancy fund, goes in the direction of safeguarding above all the health of the community, including our families, our collaborators and their loved ones.

All this is, of course, necessary to fight this enemy called COVID-19. But it is not enough.

Confimi can and must play a role of absolute credibility. A new model of representation, which must take root in our minds, first of all, and then move to the management authorities, industrial consortia, banks and politics.

Confimi was also the lead of the initiativeF24 I pay” which encouraged to respect the deadline of March 16 for all those who could pay. The initiative has been well received by entrepreneurs, both in Puglia and in the rest of Italy.

Why self-suspension?

Following these premises, it is necessary to better understand the intentions of our Government, because at the moment the decisions taken do not seem to suit our engineering companies. Most companies have in fact opted for the self-suspension of production and work activities. The reasons for this choice by entrepreneurs can be summarised as follows:

The needs of mechanical engineering world

  1. Inefficiency of the transports: because of the emergency, transport is, rightly, involved in the transport of essential goods and those useful to health. But this priority makes the materials and accessories useful for production difficult to find.
  2. Personal protection systems: health care requires a large amount of safety devices. But this makes it difficult to supply the same devices in our companies. Starting from the masks, normally used for production in the engineering field, already before the virus. These are therefore necessary during the emergency period and they will be necessary even after, when everything is over (hoping that everything will end as soon as possible).
  3. Lack of turnover: the lack of turnover is a consequence of the points dealt with previously and I do not think there is anything more to be said about it.

I hope that the Italian Government will understand as soon as possible the urgent need to make as much liquidity available to the business world and that it will do so directly and effectively, without transiting from the banks. Only in this way it will be possible to restart immediately and exponentially our country, our Italy.

Carlo Pellicola

Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia

Confimi Impresa Meccanica